Miłośnicy Szampan (Champagne), odkryć Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal 1990 ,Wino białe z Champagne. W sprzedaży w butelce lub w polu.
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Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal 1990

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Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal 1990

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          Wysyłane w ciągu 10-15 dni roboczych
     Wino białe    
       Parker 97     


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Czas wysyłki Wysyłane w ciągu 10-15 dni roboczych
Producentów wina Louis Roederer
Winobranie 1990
Region Szampan (Champagne)
Apelacja Champagne
Kolor Wino białe
Wielkość butelki 75 cl
Rodzaj wina Chardonnay / Pinot Noir
Ocena wina (Parker) 97
ocena winnicy (Parker) 5 / 5
Evinité z wyboru 5 / 5
Doradztwo M?czka Owoce morza, muszle
Nos Zapach owoców
Usta Dojrzałe owoce
Smak Surowy (Brut)
Zachowanie zdolności 2025
Utrzymanie temperatury 10-15 °C
Degustacja temperatury 8-10 °C
Opis winnicy Champagne Louis Roederer : The history of this famous house of champagne began in 1776. But it was only in 1833, that the house took the name of Louis Roederer. The family Roederer had faced the U.S. prohibition of 1919, the crisis of 1929 and the two world wars. Jean-Claude Rouzaud, grand-son of L?on Orly-Roederer, inherited the field in 1979. Since 2006, Fred Rouzaud has directed this family business, still independent today. The Champagne Louis Roederer has been known throughout the world for many years. Indeed, Louis Roederer had, at his time, understood the importance of the international market, and especially the monarchies. The Tsar Alexander II of Russia, big fan of champagne Roederer, asked his private cellar master, to go in France to participate to the development of a special vintage in his honor. A Flemish master of glasses produced, at this occasion, a bottle of non-tinted crystal with flat bottom, to distinguish the vintage of the tsar to the other consumers of Roederer?s champagnes: the famous cuv?e prestige "Cristal" was born. The house Roederer had been, indeed, "the official supplier of the Imperial Court of Russia" for many years. With its 214 hectares of vineyards in first and grands Crus, Roederer covers almost more than two thirds of its needs of grapes. Roederer?s champagnes are made from reserved wines, aged in oak barels. Very exceptional fact that deserves to be noted, the wines are aged in the Roederer?s cellars. (The Cristal is aged 6 years on lies, and the Brut Premier 3 years).
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